April 7 2017, St Louis, Mauritius - “Green Economy is rather an abstract term for many people in Mauritius. So, it is very helpful when we link it up to main priorities for the country, key sectors, and concrete measures and projects – as we did during the workshop” says Ms...Read more

Discover PAGE's achievements and activities from last year in the 2016 Annual Report.

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2016 has been an important year for PAGE. Achievement highlights include:

27 March 2017, Berlin, Germany – Around 40 ministers, CEOs, high-level representatives of UN agencies, nongovernmental organizations and trade unions as well as more than 300 sustainable development experts meet in Berlin today for the second global forum on green economy. They are joined by renowned economists, including Jeffrey Sachs...Read more

15 February 2017, Bridgetown, Barbados – The Minister of Environment and Drainage of Barbados, Dr. Dennis Lowe, highlighted the impact that the green economy has had on the country, “moving from a fringe concept on the environment to a widely embraced approach for economic prosperity, and a key building block for...Read more

Blog by Andrew Norton - Director, International Institute ​for Environment and Development

13 February 2017
 - Following the landmark global agreements on sustainable development sealed in 2015, including the Sustainable Development Goals

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